Bitwarden pop out changes Firefox window settings

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I use the Bitwarden extension in Firefox. If I open the Bitwarden pop-out, it changes the Firefox settings for all future windows. Even if I close and re-start Firefox, it will show me a “full size” window the same size as a Bitwarden pop-out. I have to follow these instructions to remove a Firefox settings json file to get Firefox to open to an actually full-size window on startup.

It seems like there is probably a bug in the way Bitwarden opens a new Firefox window when you click the pop-out button. OR Firefox needs to expose a temporary or one-time window sizing option for Bitwarden to use, but has not, so they’re using the “permanent” version. It seems like one of those problems that may never get fixed because it’s hard to know who “owns” the bug.

Hello Kristen (@kmsv) - welcome to the community forums!

No, this isn’t a bug in the Bitwarden extension – it is just the normal behaviour of Firefox.

Firefox will ‘remember’ the size and position of the last FF window you closed. So if you had a popout window opened for Bitwarden and it was the last one you closed, FF will remember this and open the next window the same way.

You can test this on your own by adding a new FF window and making it an odd shape/position. Close your main FF window first, then close the odd one. Re-open FF and you will see it now opens in the last shape/position. Hope that helps!