Bug: Apr 12 FF browser plugin update 2024.3.1 not displaying properly

The newest update on Apr 12th for the Firefox browser plugin is displaying to long and cutting off the bottom. Clicking on the add-in is now is so long it displays the entire height of my laptop window and cuts off the bottom.

Screenshot 2024-04-14 161657

I am unable to reproduce this.

Are you using any settings or tools for resistance against browser fingerprinting (tracking)? These usually spoof the browser’s dimensions, which makes Bitwarden think that your browser is oddly shaped (and it therefore sizes the pop-up window to match what it believes the browser’s dimensions are, instead of the true browser dimensions).

Under privacy I have it set to “Standard”. Under standard, it does mention fingerprint. However, it’s worth noting it has always been this way and the plugin always displayed in a proper size. I changed nothing, yet since the new update on Apr 12, the add on suddenly started mis-sizing itself. I’ve been using bitwarden for years with FF and never had this happen until this latest update. Also, worth noting that it’s doing this on 2 different laptops, both of which were working perfectly without the size problem before the update. Now, both laptops are not sizing properly and cutting off the bottom.

Interestingly, when I use the right sidebar to display bitwarden it sizes perfectly and does not cut off the bottom. This only happens when clicking the icon and it drops down.

What is your operating system and Firefox version?

Win 10 Pro with Firefox 64bit v124.0.2

I’m trying to resolve this exact issue (however the entire bottom row is not displayed) with a remote user on Firefox and Windows 10. The bitwarden plugin using miscrosoft edge does display correctly on this pc.
Is this a known issue and being worked on by Bitwarden?

There have been a few complaints here on the Community Forum, but it is not a “known issue being worked on by Bitwarden”, because so far, nobody has reported the issue using the bug reporting system on GitHub.

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And now there is: Apr 12 FF browser plugin update 2024.3.1 not displaying properly · Issue #8769 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

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