Sharing to a Single User Workarounds

I know that one of the biggest requests is to fix the whole sharing system in which the current system becomes a transfer and a real share system is also put in, but in the meantime, what do people do here to do “temporary” shares to people?

I was thinking individual collections as part of the organization but this requires everyone to see everything or and admin to handle permissions. I also thought of making a bunch of free organizations, but this would require each user to handle their own permissions and that is a whole bag of worms.

Is there another option I have not thought of or is there just no good solution?

Side note: Is there a way to transfer control of a collection vault item back to an individual short of remaking the entry in the personal vault?

Bitwarden just released Send feature. It will allow you to share sensitive information - text, files, etc securely through a link. The client applications are to be updated.

Yes I saw that but it does not seem to officially support sharing vault entries, short of manually copying and pasting the login details which seems annoying. I guess it is slightly better than using collections but it more feels like solving one problem by adding another.

I agree, having the option to send directly to another user and change ownership would be better. For example, with my parents, it’s easier to set up all the details and then just send them the whole password file and OTP/change ownership, but Bitwarden doesn’t allow it, unlike LP.