Temporarily share a folder


I was wanting to get some help on what would be the best way to accomplish the following.

To share the vault items of a folder temporarily. I am not readily finding a good way to do this.

I would still need ready access to this folder. But not sure if this is done in folders, collections or organizations. And i don’t want to make this data less accessible in the normal work flow of accessing my passwords though Bitdub.


Welcome @mcbmail!

Folders are quick ways to organize your items. Sharing items is accomplished between users/groups who are members of the same organization.

Here’s an article that may help explain the sharing paradigm more.

Also, here is a great reference for collections (which are our shared folders)

Your Organization houses the Collections and Users (or groups of users). Those users/groups can be assigned access to those Collections to see/use the information within. :slight_smile: