Sharing Password with other users or collections

My company’s use case is similar to what is discussed in 🗓 Vault Item Sharing
We have multiple teams in the company. Let’s say the marketing team signs up for an external service and wants to share these credentials with the sales team or with a single person from the sales team.
The way I see it, this is currently not possible with Bitwarden in a flexible way.
We could create collections for each team but Bitwarden doesn’t seem to allow the sharing of a password with a collection you are not part of. We could create collections for each team combination but with e.g. 20 teams that’s 380 collections.
The “send it” feature might be helpful for temporarily sending someone the current password but if it gets changed from either side, it gets messy.
We want users to have as little friction as possible when sharing a new password, otherwise they’ll just use less secure methods. Ideally it would be possible to assign each credentials its own set of users and groups or collections that are allowed to view it.
So here are my questions:

  1. Is such a feature planned, maybe as the point “Item Sharing” on the roadmap? If yes, could you outline what it will roughly look like and when it might come into a nightly/test version
  2. Could patching bitwarden be a viable alternative? I would rather not touch the underlying encryption model, but if its just a matter of GUI expansion, e.g. to allow a user to select collections that he is not a part of, that might be a viable way. Or does this not work, e.g. because the user wouldn’t have access to the necessary encryption keys to “prepare” the password for the other collection
  3. Does anyone have alternative ideas how to achieve this behavior with Bitwarden?

Looking forward to your replies!

Hey @mujeebBF a vault item can be assigned to multiple collections so you could either create a nested collection with a top level collection and share just the child collection, or you can just add the single vault item to a different team’s existing collection. Let me know if that helps.