Setting up Bitwarden with iOS and with Brave browser

Hi All,

Apologies if I am utilising the community help facility incorrectly…new to Bitwarden, this community facility and a Luddite (no idea what the demanded second tags below title line to this message mean!)!!

I have attempted to add Bitwarden to the auto-fill for my Mac (following Bitwarden’s direction), but am not being offered any opportunity to add to Mac’s own auto-fill facility. Bitwarden will not auto-fill or offer to save any app passwords.

One of the browsers I use is Brave. I was not offered the same integration facility as I was with duckduckgo, so downloaded the extension. Similar prob, however. Bitwarden will not auto-fill or offer to save when I input manually. Have tried to follow the Bitwarden direction, but when I open settings on the app I do not see the auto-fill option to which I am being directed??

Have followed Bitwarden’s instructions as I understood them, but still the issues above continue to occur.

Finally, to display my complete ignorance in such issues…am I correct in understanding that for Bitwarden to function and auto-fill/offer to save I must be signed in and vault open? (never used a stand-alone password manager before!). Open vault on booting up computer?

Apologies for such basic questions, but want to ensure that I derive greatest utility from Bitwarden, but am a dullard when it comes to such areas. My sincere thanks to anyone willing to take the time and assist in the above.