Bitwarden "My Profile" Autofill does not work using Brave

I am unable to use Autofill by selecting ‘My Profile’ I created in ‘Identities’ from Bitwarden Brave Extension anymore…

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Can you open the extension > Settings > Sync > Sync vault now and see if that resolves the issue? If not, can you confirm the version of Brave you are using?

@Steinhaus Welcome to the forum!

It seems that what you are experiencing is the same thing that has been reported by several users in this thread:

Please check out the symptoms described in that thread and confirm that the problem you are experiencing matches what has been described there.

@AK3L4 Welcome to the forum! FYI, the issue reported in the thread linked above is not resolved by syncing. At a minimum, the issue has been observed in Firefox 124.0.2 for macOS, Firefox 124.0.1 for Windows 11, as well as Chrome 124.0.6367.60 for Windows 11.

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Yes, the link is the same issue. You can close this topic and people can comment on the link you provided - Tks!

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Thanks for confirming. Feel free to comment in the other thread. It would be useful if you posted a comment there indicating that you have observed this using a Brave browser (also state the browser version and what operating system you are using). *Edit: I see that you already posted a comment there.