Session management


Over time, one can quickly lose track of from which devices he has logged into Bitwarden. A screen in which the user can see from which devices and when he has logged into Bitwarden is required.

Failed Login Notifications

I’m out of vote but you got my +1 :slight_smile:


I didn’t know one can run out of votes. I seem to have infinite number of them, i.e., I can vote for any other feature requests at least once.


+1 (I also ran out of votes)


As per About the Feature Requests category, you only get 20 votes :slight_smile:


Thanks for the verbal upvotes. Actually, I am surprised that Bitwarden doesn’t offer session management.


You got my vote; we need this!


Is that 20 votes TOTAL for life, or 20 per day/week/month etc?


Total for life, but theoretically as a topic on which you voted gets locked you get your vote back.


Ouch. Well, I suppose there’s always the hypothetical option of create several accounts + vpn.