Device logins and web vault usage

Is there a way to check the devices that are currently logged in and a history of unique logins through the vault? I get emails regarding new devices logged in but the IP address locations are probably some ISP server locations and not the exact locations. Information within the vault regarding the OS of the device and geographical location will be helpful to identify any devices recently logged in.

I could be missing something. But why are certain things like changing security settings and reports only possible to do through the web vault? If the browser extension and the apps (desktop and mobile) are fully featured, there would not be a need to go to the web vault thereby reducing the risks from phishing websites.

Hey @Unnerving0789

This portion sound like a current request for better session management.

With this being similar as well as another feature request for web-vault only feature parity across clients.

You may go add your votes there and bring the discussion to add your voice to the mix :slightly_smiling_face:

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@cksapp, Thank you for replying and pointing to the existing requests. Voted on both of those feature requests.