Self hosted bitwarden: Unable to connect to bitwarden homepage

Dear all,
I have just finished a fresh install of the self hosted version of bitwarden on a Windows 10 computer, docker with all the bitwarden containers seem to be running correctly.

Still if I try to open the bitwarden homepage, the browser will time out telling me Unable to connect.
I have checked and ports 80 as well as port 443 are correctly open.

As I have some doubts on the correct configuration of the domain I have tried to reach an ftp server on my network using the same domain name and it works, I am able to reach and download a file from the FTP server. Therefore I believe that the subdomain which I have created for bitwarden is working properly. It has to be said though that the FTP server is on a different computer (, while bitwarden is installed on a computer called ECHO with IP:

I have no idea what I should be checking as I do not see any new errors in nginx logs (at the beginning I had issues with nginx continuosly restarting, but I was able to fix that by correcting the domain, opening ports and reissuing the certificates).

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance.


I should add that by using the application uptime robot by specifying the correct address as well as the port (443) uptime robot shows the server as online, meaning that it does get some kind of answer.

On the contrary if I monitor by using only the webaddress, without specificying the port, uptime robot shows the service as offline.

I have tried to open the page with the browser by specifying the port 443 after the address but it does not work.

Thanks for any help.


Dear all,

I decided to remove all of the containers and perform a new installation: since I had no data saved this was for me the quickest solution.

I believe that the issue was related to the fact that I had decided to change domain and most probably, despite my efforts, I was not able to updated the certificates or some other component accordingly.

With a fresh install and by using the correct domain since the beginning I was able to have a working bitwarden installation.

Hope this may help someone in future. :slight_smile:



Did some googling:

Try opening port 3012.

Hello Toons,
thanks a lot for your answer.
By redoing the installation I was able to solve my issue, bitwarden now works just fine.

I am kind of struggling with its backups though: Backup | Avoid database corruption | Restore tests suggestions | Backup encryption - #2 by aseegy