Having difficluty installing self hosted

I have been having issue trying to setup up a self hosted instance of Bitwarden. I have been following the guide listed here: GitHub - ZacksHomeLab/BitWarden: Instructions on how to deploy a self-hosted instance of BitWarden.

I am trying to host this off my own server at my house (not hosted) on my server. I am using an Gen1 Hyper-v VM with 4Gb RAM, 2 CPUs and 50Gb disk with Ubuntu 22.04.3.

In this guide, I am skipping the section on connecting to Windows AD, and the Certificate since that is related to the hosted server. Otherwise I follow it completely coping and pasting all the commands from the guide ( of course with changes for my IPs and Domain)

Everything seems to work fine up to the install of Bitwarden.
-First the letsEncrypt does not work giving me the error saying:
Connection refused, or
Error getting validation data

-I have tried setup up other certs manually, and seems to work, but I can not pull up the bitwarden login page.

I have reinstalled everything from scratch over 50 times. I am a new to Linux, and must be missing something. I am an experienced windows IT person, and I have the DNS setup, as well as port forwarding rules. I even but a second cheap firewall to test with when I couldn’t get it to work on my regular one. I just get the: “This site can not be reached” in the web browser from both the Host or the internet. I can ping the firewall from the internet I did try NGINX, and could get the NGINX web page from the host. Do I need to install something else for the webhosting?

Thanks for your help!