Select default collection/folder when creating new vault item


Can an option be added to force the way passwords are added to collections?

If teams of users add passwords to a collection they may accidentally leave the owner of the password as themselves.

Collections are meant for sharing but not if it’s handled like a personal vault… it’s a recipe for mistakes to be made.

Your consideration will be much appreciated.

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We do have an item on our backlog to allow admins to specify the organization vault as the default saving mechanism. :+1:


I would like this as well. The basic idea is that my wife and I want to have separate logins, but that only works if she can, by default, save new items to the organization rather than to her own data store. If it’s something she has to do manually it’s not going to happen, and our password storage is going to get fragmented across our accounts.



Any word on this? Many of my non-tech users keep saving passwords as their own, so the team doesnt have access to it!

Coming this month :metal:

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Delayed shortly - apologies for not updating this thread!

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When logged into the Bitwarden Browser Extension you are prompted to save passwords by a banner:

“Should bitwarden remember this password for you?”

While this is quick and easy, it assumes personal ownership.

I am requesting an additional prompt that allows the user to identify ownership of an item when saving credentials from the banner.

This would improve ease of use for enterprise users by eliminating additional steps needed to change ownership after saving.

I would like an option which makes every newly created item automatically a member of a default collection.

Currently creating a new item is a two-step process: 1) create the item, 2) share it to my default collection.
Step 2 should be (optionally!) automatic.

Having step 2 manual means it often gets forgotten!



When I create a new vault item and assign it to the one organization that I have, I forget that I have to also check the Default Collection box. Since I only HAVE that one organization and one collection, it’d be great to not have to bother to additionally check that box. Is this possible?


Feature name

Organisation with no collections (or default collection)

Feature function

As it stands currently, an organisation must have at least one collection to function properly. If you attempt to have an organisation with no collections, you can’t move items from your personal account into the org, or create new items in the org. This makes total sense if you have an org that has multiple teams with their own password pools. However, I’ve set up my family as an organisation, with the intention that anything personal is kept on their personal account, and anything shared goes into the organisation.

This means we don’t need more than one collection (or even better, zero collections). If I set up the org with just one collection, I still have to check its checkbox whenever adding a password. This is an annoyance that will discourage my users from using the app. I expect this will also be the case for smaller teams with less intensive password separation concerns.

Current state:

Here’s some screenshots of the current issues. Please excuse the unlinked URLs. I’m a new user so I’m restricted by the new user limitations around embedding images and posting links.

No collections when adding new items:

No collections when moving items:

One collection when adding new item:

One collection when moving an item:

The quick fix:

If there’s only one collection in an organisation; check its box by default when adding a new item.

The better fix:

Add a case for orgs to have no collections, with the ability for passwords to sit in a hidden/ ‘unassigned’ collection. You can currently force items into an unassigned collection by deleting the collections they are part of, but I believe you should be able to deliberately leave them unassigned.


I just tried to share some of my entries with the rest of my family and stumbled over this, too. It seems like sharing is only possible via an organization. That alone would be no problem, but then I’m required to select a collection for every entry that is created, even if there is just one collection.

It would be great if a default collection can be defined for this purpose.


I am new to the organisation feature as well. When I switch to the organisation vault, I am able to move items from the standard/default collection to the ‘not assigned’ collection. After I deleted the standard collection, I am not able to move items to the organisation vault anymore…

I agree that it should work without a collection or the default collection should be selected by default when creating or moving items…


Created an account just to post this same suggestion.
Post 38030 seems to also be about this topic and has 4 votes behind it.

Personal/family organizations probably don’t need the complexity of multiple collections. I understand if the back-end structure may require this – but it’s absolutely reasonable for us to expect the “default collection” to be checked – by default – whether it’s the only one or one of a hundred. Isn’t that what “default” means?

I’d also like to point out an additional aspect: I primarily use the Edge browser extension on Windows and in that interface, the Collection field is at least 2 scrolls off-screen when creating a new entry, while all the other “mandatory” fields are visible without scrolling. Burying a required field offscreen at the end of a list of nonessential items feels intentionally antagonistic to the user.

In addition to fixing the default-checking behavior already described, the COLLECTION section should be moved immediately above NOTES in the browser extension UI so it is visible without scrolling. This will make new-item creation in and Organization significantly faster and easier both for new users and experienced ones.

Hey Simon, the team is planning to shift vault item collection assignment towards the top of the vault item.

Regarding ‘the better fix’ organzations require collections for sharing, so merged your request here for allowing to set a default location to save vault items.


This is what I came here to find a workaround for - hopefully it can be implemented!

My favorite solution here would be that selecting a Collection is simply made optional.

That is, if you don’t have any Collections defined, that’s fine, and the new item is left uncategorized.

Or, if you do have Collections defined but don’t select any, then the new item is left uncategorized.

In short, change nothing except to legitimize Organization items existing outside of any/all Collections.

The use cases gave been pretty well covered here, but I’ll provide mine: My wife and I have an Organization called “Shared” for our couple dozen shared logins; in this case, requiring the extra step to select the “Shared” Collection of the “Shared” Organization makes little sense.

exact same use case here, please add and save our marriage from conversations like this:

“Did you add this to bitwarden?”
–“yes i did”
“Well then why don’t i see it?”
–“oh looks like i have to manually add it to our shared Collection. every single time.”

+1 from me. I want to have a setting in which i can tell Bitwarden what the default collection must be when i or my partner add’s a new password to the manager. And then keeping it private is something you need an extra click for. I would like this to be something that can be set per user. I want to keep my passwords default for myself. My partner want it to have so that the passwords are by default in the sharde collection within the organisation. So a setting on user level and not a setting on company level (which maybe is a good idea for actual companies).

+1 I think it’s essential for an organization