Default Organization/Ownership

Hi, I think it would be great feature to have a setting to control what the default ownership or organization should be. This promotes sharing and centralization - otherwise the entry would be created in the user’s vault.

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Definitely interested in this feature too… Any news on this one ?

The ability to set default organization for new items would greatly easy the adoption in family sharing scenarios.

My wife and I actually switched to a shared account because of this issue. It’s a single point of failure, but it makes it usable for non-technical users.

I wonder if different behaviour for different accounts is really what we want though? In a truly shared environment maybe users could be given the option to disable their own vault? Perhaps some businesses might want to do this by default so everything in here is shared, rather than risk passwords vanishing into the cloud when employees leave?

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For our Enterprise organizations, there is a Personal Ownership policy that does require all items be saved to a Collection within the Organization.

We also have a policy captured to ‘default’ to Organization ownership on the backlog, too.


Cool, that’s a powerful incentive to upgrade! I think the default could still be preferable for most though as there are times you do want to keep things to yourself (your TOTP seeds for example).

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I am chomping at the bit to have this in the Family plan orgs as well. Please put this in place!

i support this request

I would like this feature as well.

agree! in particular would be good to be able to change it


Someone shared their experience, which is nearly identical to mine and my wife’s:

It’s too much trouble and it could be avoided. Simply give each user the option to set a default container for new entries.

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Agreed. This would be a great feature! Enterprise Policies exist to remove personal vaults, but Owners aren’t affected by that, so default ownership is still private for them.

Yes, please. This is needed.

I’m interested in doing the same. Can you explain how to switch to a shared account? (without losing my hundreds of logins, IDs, credit cards, etc.)

We (wife and me) just want a shared set of passwords without complications of moving things. We don’t want individual vaults which just add complexity for no benefit.

+1 for this feature. This would greatly simplify the process of creating new items, especially in a multi-user family setting.

I’ve been using LastPass for quite some time with my family, and now switching to Bitwarden. I like the enhanced sharing abilities in Bitwarden, but they would be even better if the user would pick a default owner/collection other than their own vault.

Also while doing this could we avoid specifying a collection if none have been set up? Collections in my usage (all items are in shared organisation with wife) are irrelevant but I had to set one up and tick it every time otherwise I was unable to transfer items from the personal vault to an organisation. Just unnecessary extra steps. There seems to be an “unassigned” default collection which could be automatically selected if the software design really needs to have collections.

Adding my vote for this feature as well. Not being able to set/designate a default organization is the one hurdle keeping us from signing up on a family plan.

Another note in support of this critical adoption blocker for the Family/shared use case.

  1. Allow users to specify their default vault as the organization vault
  2. Include specifying a default Collection within the organization vault.

My current setup is so far unusable due to the current behavior being to add new family member’s entries into their personal vault and not the shared family/organization vault.

I also have collections assigned to each family member, and really, really need each member to also set their default collection within the shared family/organization vault.

This gets Bitwarden closer to the feature/functionality/utility parity with LastPass “profiles” feature.