Secure Notes editing sanity

Please please please when one is editing a secure note do NOT force one to perform the editing using a 7 line field in the secure note. This is what I am seeing and it is horrible to try to add text information into a note. Look at what Lastpass allows one to do. In LP one can see a large area of the note and you are not peering through a mailslot like you are in Bitwarden.

Click and drag down that little triangle in the lower right corner to expand the edit box.

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Thanks that expands the edit box vertically which helps and I guess the only way to expand it laterally is to click on the “Pop-out to new window” icon before I click on the note to view it or edit it.

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For me there is no triangle to drag. No way to expand the notes size. No matter where I am viewing/editing the note, from the addon popup or web vault.
I can KIND OF understand it being minuscule in the popup but there is no excuse for it in the web vault’s edit window.

This is the one of the few things still bugging me about Bitwarden after coming from LP.

Chrome 90, extension version.

It’s tiny, but should be there! I believe it’s a browser function (due to the input type), not so much Bitwarden.

Correct and in the case of a “secure” note when you click on the note to display it in the small 7 like box the indicated angled lines are at the bottom of the vertical elevator/slider bar along the right side of the note.

Yeah I was expecting to see that exact thing but nope, not there for me.

Doesn’t really matter, it should be bigger by default no matter what.

I also find too small notes input field very inconvenient. There is enought space in Windows application to make it at least twice bigger, or you can implement advanced settings section so users can tweak UI to their wishes. Thanks for consideration <3

You can already make it bigger yourself when necessary. Most users don’t want a huge honking text box on every entry.

Actually the most useful and flexible solution for everyone would be to make auto-resizable text box which resized to actual text content inside, similar as in preview (read-only) mode. Empty notes box can show as small as now. I think last pass has similar functionality.