Ability to expand note field

Is it possible that the NOTES box inside EDIT ITEMS can be expanded?
Dear designers, sometimes long texts are written and it is very tedious to have to use the scroll bar to go to the end of the text.
Any possible modification is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Es posible que la caja de NOTAS dentro de EDIT ITEMS pueda expandirse?
A los queridos diseñadores, a veces se escriben textos largos y resulta muy tedioso tener que usar el scroll bar para ir hacia el final del textos.
Se agradece alguna posible modificación.


Hi @T0NY - welcome to the community forums!

This is available in most of the Bitwarden clients/apps. The mobile app may be one exception, because it auto-resizes instead. Is this the app you are speaking about that can’t resize the Notes field? If so, it would be helpful if you could tag your request so that people understand that you are only speaking about the mobile app in this request. Thanks!

Sorry, I hadn’t seen it. It is not really that visible to me, but it is true that it exists.
My apologies again. And thanks for replying anyway.

Perdón, no lo había visto. Realmente no está tan visible para mi, pero es cierto que existe.
Nuevamente mis disculpas. Y gracias por responder de todas formas.

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