Searching notes behaves differently between native android app/desktop browser

I like to add searchable keywords in the Notes section of an item. It makes searching for that item a little easier for me. E.g., today I created a login credential item for logging into my doctor’s office web portal, and in the Notes section I included the tag ‘doc’. Now simply searching for ‘doc’ returns that item.

This works well on the desktop chrome plugin, but it does not seem to work on the native android app.

Can you provide any feedback on this issue? Perhaps there’s a setting on the mobile app that I missed, or maybe there’s a better way for me to use tag searching rather than Notes?

Thank you

Hello @byron.burdette - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

What you are observing is a limitation of the mobile apps. Only basic search functionality is available in the mobile apps, so to search notes effectively, you need to use a different Bitwarden client.

Here is what the Bitwarden search help page says:

Basic searches can be made in any Bitwarden app, and more advanced full-text searches can be made in the web vault, desktop app, and browser extension.

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