Desktop Bitwarden(v1.29.1): Notes section not searchable

Hi all,

Ran into the following situation and looking for answer/suggestion:
Created Login type record and put some info in NOTES section.
After saving it however when I search only for that unique information mentioned in NOTES - getting “There are no items to list.”
Working with KeePass in the past - it was able to find.
Is it I’m doing something wrong or is this a missing feature???

Version 1.29.1
Shell 14.0.1
Renderer 93.0.4577.63
Node 14.17.0
Architecture x64

Apologies, searched the Feaure Request section and there are posts with same issue…

Use the Full-text Search described here: Search notes field
or just make a habit to search this way: >KEYWORD
where “>” enables full-text search and “*” wild-card for any number of characers before or after(use wisely)

Evey other product on the market have this functionality. Bitwarden has this feature request since April 2019 but it is not yet implemented.
when Bitwarden will implement the search functionality including the notes?

You can search the notes fields in the desktop app. Just read the post immediately before yours for the solution.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood the context here, but I am also able to search the Notes field in the Chrome browser extension, and I don’t even need to invoke the advanced search (> prefix) to do so. I do need to add a wildcard (*) if searching for partial words in the Notes field.

Is this just an iOS issue? I’m using Windows 10.

Title says “Desktop Bitwarden” so I don’t think they mean iOS.

Marking this one as Solved.