Desktop Bitwarden(v1.29.1): Notes section not searchable

Hi all,

Ran into the following situation and looking for answer/suggestion:
Created Login type record and put some info in NOTES section.
After saving it however when I search only for that unique information mentioned in NOTES - getting “There are no items to list.”
Working with KeePass in the past - it was able to find.
Is it I’m doing something wrong or is this a missing feature???

Version 1.29.1
Shell 14.0.1
Renderer 93.0.4577.63
Node 14.17.0
Architecture x64

Apologies, searched the Feaure Request section and there are posts with same issue…

Use the Full-text Search described here: Search notes field
or just make a habit to search this way: >KEYWORD
where “>” enables full-text search and “*” wild-card for any number of characers before or after(use wisely)