Inconsistency between browser addon and mobile app?


I keep hashtags in “NOTES” field of items. for example, I use #lan for all local system’s passwords (192.168.x.x / 10.x.x.x. sites).

From the browser (chrome/edge) addon, when I type “#lan” in the search box, all local system items show up correctly.

However, when I search for “#lan” in mobile apps (Android/iOS), it ends up with “There are no items to list”; if I search for “lan”, the local system items don’t show up either, it seems to me that the search strings don’t apply to mobile apps.

I am kind of confused of searching results with NOTES field. I have an item with NOTES containing “phone: 123”,
. when I search for “phone”, both browser addon and mobile app can’t find the item;
. when I search for "phone: ", the browser addon shows the item, the mobile app can’t find it.

Have you made sure all local vaults are in sync?

Yes they are all sync’ed and have the latest data.

That’s strange. Search works just as expected for me and I can’t reproduce your issue. Could you maybe screenrecord or screenshot?

OK, I made some screenshots / pictures.

Bitwarden browser addon (Version: 1.48.1)

  1. an item that has #lan in NOTES field:
  2. search for “#lan”, found all items with “#lan
  3. search for “lan”, found something, but didn’t find the item with “#lan

Bitwarden for Android (version: 2.8.2 (3365))

  1. an item that has #lan in NOTES field:
  2. search for “#lan”, found nothing
  3. search for “lan”, found something, but didn’t find the item with “#lan”, also different result from the browser addon:

I have 4 Android phones (Android 8, Android 9, Android 10, Android 11), all have version: 2.8.2 (3365), the search results are exactly the same.

The mobile apps use a basic search when compared to the other clients.

I assume that if I don’t use ‘>’ to invoke full-text search with browser addon, it’s basic search, if I do basic search on both mobile apps and browser addon, how could I get different results ?

I wish that mobile app and browser addon act consistently in “basic search” mode, and I really wish the “basic search” will include NOTES field because it’s the only flexible field for me to input hashtags (obviously I can do this in “login” or “username” fields).

I agree with @El_Topo that Basic Search needs to include or have an option to include the Notes field, or all fields. I’m willing to trade both space and time for an accurate search. If I’m forced to use a mobile device to do the search, it means I probably don’t have access to a computer, and the information I’m looking for most likely is buried in the Notes field of a secure note whose name I cannot remember, and I desperately need to locate it.