Recovery and Backup in Bitwarden

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Recovery and Backup in Bitwarden.

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What will this feature do differently?

Please, see this:

There are feature requests here to recover or backup Bitwarden account. But as I mentioned earlier, there is no official way to do this. What is called for here is a standardized way of recovering and backing up Bitwarden in a secure, decentralized or centralized way. For example, I can back up my data in Dropbox and make sync in Bitwarden, so I have a 2nd backup, sync and recovery in Bitwarden.

In theory I could also make a backup on the local network to have a third way of account recovery: Offline usage/storage on PC with mobile device WLAN-Sync. Finally, a fourth way to backup or recover passwords could be via an offline p2p backup:Offline Vault (P2P)

What benefits will this feature bring?

There are some password managers that can backup and account recovery like:
nostr-password-manager. Please, see this here too:

“[…] Vault is a decentralized password manager where your passwords are encrypted by your keys and stored on relays. Vault utilizes zero-knowledge encryption to safeguard your data while storing it on NOSTR network for enhanced resilience. Vault saves all your passwords and notes securely by encrypting your data twice; once with your secret key and once with your passcode… […]”

This feature I request is already used by several password managers like nostr-password-manager etc. I wonder why there isn’t a way to backup and recover my Bitwarden account, when there are already requests for it, and safe ways to do it too here: Serverless storage with P2P sync of database or collection like in MYKI, Option to use P2P filesystem instead of server (IPFS)

Also, there are several questions from the community that reinforce this same concern here.
So, what’s the best way to back up or recovery Bitwarden?

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Here is the link to the possible questions I read from to open this feature request.

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