Recent/frequently used logins section

In addition to the favorites section, it would be nice to have a section for credentials that were used recently or the top most frequently used logins.

I absolutely agree. But this request was made almost a year ago, and it’s still not implemented. Please add a recently used pull-right menu to the logins section. I don’t otherwise care about marking favorites. Thanks.

A separate “Recently Used” list is, IMO, better than (but not a replacement for!) being able to sort by ‘recently used’.

Bumping this for visibility.

Oftentimes, we need to frequently access a particular password from an entry that is not regularly used to be in “favourites”. EG, when setting up a modem/network connection. it was frustrating af to type or scroll for the entry every time.

Bumping and voting for this. I’m not a fan of Last Pass. I have to use it at work. One of the features I do like in the browser plugin is the Recently Used option. Very handy. Please add this to Bitwarden browser plugin!

Adding vote for this. Could you please implement this feature