Search function

I love bitwarden, I have small feature requests:

Feature request #1:
when I click the browser extension, it opens a tab with all logins for that website.
I have a lot of logins for some websites, when I use the search box it searches my entire vault.
Could you change it so that in ‘Tab’, it only searches the logins for that specific website domain? and on the ‘Vault’ tab next to it, it searches the entire vault?
thank you.

Another feature request:
When I register for a new account, I’d like to generate a secure password on the fly.
when I right mouseclick on the password box there is a menu → ‘Bitwarden’ → ‘Generate Password (copied)’

it should automatically enter the newly generated password for both password fields if the input box type=“password” and also copy to clipboard and in bitwarden password history.

Thank you.