Select last used login


Is there a way to force Bitwarden to select last used login on top? On desktop browser it is not a big issue but on mobile it is very annoying, especially in iOS. For example, I have 3-4 logins for Google and Bitwarden never used once my last or most used login. It is totally selecting less used logins randomly. Also, even if I select username in the first screen, on second password screen Bitwarden again shows me wrong login item.

Is there a fix for that?

Hey @Naxterra, how often are you using the other logins? You can modify the ‘match detection settings’, so that only the one you need pops up.

For Google I am using one account most of the time but for other sites like Microsoft, Amazon, Bitdefender, etc, I have several accounts.

How can I make match detection settings to determine which login item to come on top? For example, I have three Google login items, all with and URLs

Currently the quickest way to cycle through multiple matching logins is the following:

Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L Autofill, press again to cycle through matching logins

Is there a way to make it better? I don’t want to find and select my last used one every time I use it. Also, it is very bad in mobile.

Example for Google in iOS. I enter, click on login, as default BW shows less used login, I click on key button, pass Face ID, select login, hit enter, go to password, BW shows again another less used login, click on key button, pass Face ID, select login, hit enter, then go to TOTP, paste it from clipboard.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve passed it along to the team. Currently when auto-filling from mobile it defaults to the last one used chronologically.

Nope, it is totally random. If it used last used login, I would have complained less :slight_smile:

Thanks, that sounds like unexpected behavior. I’ve passed it along to the team, if you’re on Github, you can log your specs and issue here.