Rate limiting on the API

I have a paid family organization which is fully utilized with six members. As the IT person of my family, I take it on myself to ensure that everyone’s passwords are backed up on a regular basis. To assist me in that endeavor, I created a simple bash script which utilizes the bitwarden-cli and each account’s API keys to download a copy of all password vaults for the six members plus the organization itself (for a total of seven). I have been successfully running this script for the past year before the last two members of my family migrated to Bitwarden from Lastpass last month. However, now that I have two additional vaults to back up, I repeatedly exceed the rate limit on the API when attempting to back up the vault of the last member.

What is the current rate limit for the API I am interfacing with? Moreover, could the limit be increased ever so slightly to support a use-case like mine?

I can not answer your question, but I can say that I observed a “sort” of rate limiting when using the vault management API via the CLI, specifically when doing POST on the endpoint “post/items” (via CLI’s serve command). In my case I observed repeatedly that after each 60 calls I received an HTTP error code (don’t remember which one it was). At that point in time it looked like a rate limiting, but I did not have the time to make sure that’s really the case (eg: maybe it’s a bug…).
(sorry if this does not add anything useful, I just thought it’s good to write this up in case anyone else hits this issue and this looked like the best place as of now)