Number of passwords is limited to 200

I imported ~400 passwords but I can only see 200 and if I try to export only 200 are being exported. Why is that? I am on a free plan yet

Sounds like you are only exporting your personal vault. If you want to export items from the organization’s vault you should do an organization export.

I am not in an organization, I only have my personal vault.

I could not log in into this forum because BW didn’t remember this login (although i clearly remember generating this forum’s password with BW), so I had to reset password and enter it in BW again, this time it worked and the count now shows 201

I’m very dissapointed. I spent 7 hours migrating from password-store and now I have to do that all over again because nobody knows which passwords are already in the database and which aren’t.

I had >400 entries when I migrated to BW, and I didn’t lose any (that I am aware of). So this is not a limitation of BW. Something else went wrong when you export/import I believe.

I am also curious why it took you 7 hours to migrate. I know nothing about password-store that you use, but my experience of migration (from a different password manager) only took minutes.

If you can share more details, may be we can help.

Ive imported >1000 passwords. It took around 5 minutes (to my on premise server).

And I imported ~700 passwords in under 5 seconds, actually (via LastPass CSV).

Bitwarden specifically allows unlimited passwords in the free plan, which is why I chose it. There may have been a bug: did you try re-importing?

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