Unable to access Android App (Rate limit exceeded)

Hi! I just migrated from LastPass to Bitwarden, so I am pretty new here.

I have my vault set up and it is working fine on the PC, however I am unable to access my vault on the Android app, every time I try to log in (I enter my login and my master password), I receive the following error message:

"An error has occurred: Rate limit exceeded. Ty again later."

I have received this error since the first time I tried logging in from my device. Any ideas what I can/have to do in order to access my vault on my phone?


Hi @diegobrc - welcome!

What version of Bitwarden server are you running and what kind of device/OS are you using as a host? The more detail you provide the better as this is likely a server-side issue.

Thanks for the answer, however I have found a solution for this.
I was trying to access the vault over my WiFi, once I switched over to mobile network the app connected with no issues. :smile: