Push-pin feature request

Please add a “lock to screen” push-pin icon feature in browser extensions top corner view so Bitwarden stays open when mouse clicks another app window. Clicking icon again should unlock with icon change that appears to have rotated.


A user definable auto-timeout would be nice if there’s any interest, but not essential for this user like the description above is.

Thanks in advance,

If you click the arrow icon at the top left of the extension pop-up, it’ll break out into its own little window. Not quite what you’re asking for, but it solves the problem of it disappearing when you click elsewhere.

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Yes I do realize that but thanks for the suggestion Dan. Appreciate your reaching out!

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Hi @SamH! Just wondering if there was a certain UX difference in a push-pin vs. the pop-out action? Extensions can’t stay open indefinitely, which is why the pop-out is used, so even a push-pin option would still pop-out :face_with_monocle:

If you’re a Firefox user, there is actually a nifty sidebar option, too: Picking the Right Password Manager | Bitwarden Blog

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