Profile picture support

Hi everybody,

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could upload a profile picture?
I was thinking about a private picture or using Gravatar service.

It would give users a more personal and user-friendly experience by replacing the 2 capital letters by default.
It would be useful as well to manage organisation and shared folders in order to recognize faster who are users.

I agree it’s not the most important feature for a password manager :wink:


You can already enable gravatars under Settings > Options in the web vault. It is disabled by default for privacy reasons.

Ok thanks a lot for the answer. I didn’t know the option was already available.
Maybe a message like “Link to Gravatar” in the My Account page (next to the image) would help to discover that feature.

And if user don’t want to use Gravatar service but still want a picture? There is no option yet right?

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Moreover, Gravatar doesn’t solve the question for an organization because there is no email related to it.