Picture for profile icon

Picture for profile icon this would allow you to custermize your account a bit and not have to just have a color and letter as your profile picture

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Hi @Tommy101 and welcome to the community,

This feature actually used to be avalible with the use of Gravatar support, but was not consistent across client as I remember.

This was removed from the client and server code in preparation for the new avatar colour selector, which was recently rolled-out with the v2023.1.0 release.
Here is one final relevant link.

There is a request to change back to Gravatar support, or maybe using another method for custom profile icons which may be relevant.

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I would really benefit from a custom picture or even choosing from a set of icons. I have two accounts, work and personal, and both are just KH in a circle.

I often am in the wrong vault, but have similar websites in each vault so it’s not obvious at first.