Passwords deleted from the Vault, are not erased into Chrome's extension database, even after synchronization

Try this:

  • open bitwarden’s Vault, using Chrome (
  • delete some username/passwords from the vault
  • synchronize data into Chrome bitwarden’s extension (Extension-> Settings -> Synchronize -> Synchronize now)
  • logout from the vault online
  • logout from the extension
  • login into the extension, again

You’ll see that Chrome’s extension still contains the username and passwords you deleted from the Vault, online.

Can anyone confirm?

Where the extension is taking the deleted account informations, from?(!)

The trash can feature is functional on the web vault - did you delete the item from the trash as well?

We’re rolling it out to other clients over the next week or so.



  • If you delete an item from the web vault, it will go to the Trash - it will still be visible in other clients since it’s not truly deleted - however, once you remove from the trash, it will disappear.

I confirm that the item was in the trash, but still visible to other clients.

I deleted it, and it disappeared everywhere else.

(maybe a deleted item should not be visible by other clients)

Thank you

Please read the replies that were posted by @tgreer - trash items will not be visible to other clients once that functionality is rolled out next week. Right now, it only exists in the web vault.

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