Heads up: Chrome extension disappeared from browser completely after Chrome update

This morning when I opened Chrome on my desktop, the Bitwarden extension was gone - not pinned to the navigation bar, not listed in the Extension manager - just gone. I had to re-install the extension from the website.
I recall that Chrome pushed an update to my desktop yesterday, but didn’t notice any problems with the extension before shutting down last night. When I just went to check my Chrome version to post it here, I found that the browser was pushing another update, so perhaps a defective version yesterday, or defective Chrome install was the issue. I am now on Chrome Version 113.0.5672.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)…or at least will be when I shut down and relaunch the browser as instructed. Don’t know what the version that was pushed yesterday.

I’m also on Chrome Version 113.0.5672.94 (Official Build) (64-bit) and the extension has not disappeared so far (touch wood).

Got the version yesterday too, Bitwarden worked. Either you were unlucky, or I have been lucky for once :grinning:

Hello @ExDC and welcome to the community,

Very curious with your report, I haven’t experienced this personally myself after updating Chrome. Though it appears at least there has been one other report on reddit with a similar issue. So there very well may be something further going on.

Thanks. the reddit report is interesting. I am suspicious that in my case it was a bad update from Chrome and not a Bitwarden issue, since there was a second Chrome update pushed 24 hours later, and my redownloaded and reinstalled extension did not get zapped again.