Password history usage

I’m using the Windows 11 desktop version 2024.2.0. Perhaps I don’t understand how the password history works, but I thought it would show previous passwords for login items. But when I select View/Password History for any login item in my vault, I’m presented with the message “There are no passwords to list,” even for passwords I changed the day before. So, I can’t find previous passwords for my login items. Is there a way to get this history, or am I using the option incorrectly?

First of all, let’s make sure that you are looking in the right place. When you view a login item in the Desktop app, there will be some metadata (timestamps, etc.) at the bottom. If there is a password history, you will see the text “Password history” followed by a number, at the very bottom. You need to click on that number to see the old passwords.


If you are looking in the right place but are not seeing any password history, then you might possibly have a sync issue. In that case, log out completely (File > Log out), and log back in.

The password history, i.e. “View->Password History”, will show you the passwords that were generated by the app password generator during your logged-in session. To see the history for each entry, see @grb 's instruction.

Thanks very much! Found it.

You’re very welcome!