Password change revision history

I would like to request a password change revision history to allow you to know the last time you change a password for a site. That way if there is a need to change multiple passwords from different sites like during a data breach you can tell which password has been changed based on the last time the password was changed.

If you open an item and scroll to the bottom, there is a password history of up to the 5 most recent passwords available for that item (click on the number to view the previous passwords and the date/time that each password was set):




Is this different from what you are asking for?

Interesting. I never knew that was there. I’m a recent LastPass migrant, so I haven’t updated many passwords in Bitwarden (I updated them in LP, then changed my mind about staying with them – calculated the risk of password being in LP’s hands for a few days and decided not to spend another 4.5+ hours changing passwords). So mine only has an updated/created and doesn’t have a password history number associated with most of my usernames.

Closing as already available but feel free to provide more context: