Passkeys on iOS

I just updated my iOS app and tried to store a passkey for Google but it didn’t work. Is it just working on desktop right now? Is there something I need to configure that I missed? Thanks much.


Hi @RobA1701, Passkeys will be available first in the browser extension which is rolling out this week. There is a Bitwarden and Passkeys event on November 9 that you may want to attend Bitwarden and Passkeys | November 9 | Bitwarden

Will this result in another iOS app update? How will the browser extension get updated on our iOS devices?

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Any ETA for the Passkeys on iOS? This is where I would use them the most, or create them most of the time.


Yes was so confused why this was not part of the original releas

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Are there plans for iOS integration?

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Any word on passkeys in the iOS app? Thanks!

Hi @dancwilliams, Welcome to the Bitwarden community! Passkeys on mobile is a top priority and high on the Bitwarden roadmap Bitwarden Roadmap - Feature Requests - Bitwarden Community Forums

Any updates on this? This missing feature is the one thing holding me back from using Bitwarden.

@dknittl I think the posting right above yours by @go12 from Bitwarden is the last update on this (from 2 days ago). So it is in active developement right now (see Bitwarden Roadmap) and seems to be coming in the more or less near future, I reckon… (assuming no new obstacles/difficulties coming in the way)