Passkey saved in bitwarden not working for Google on IOS

From Windows/Firefox, I have logged into Google and created a passkey. That passkey has been saved in an entry in my bitwarden vault and it shows that the passkey was created with the date and time. I can now log out of Google and log back in using the passkey stored in my bitwarden vault. All good so far.

Now, I take my iPhone or iPad and open the bitwardend vault on either of those two devices. I can see that the passkey was created because it shows the data and time in my Google entry. This also verifies that my data has synced to bitwarden on my iPhone and iPad.

In safari, if I log out of Google and then try to sign back in using my passkey, it fails. Here are the steps I am taking:

  1. Select my Google account.
  2. It says “Use your passkey to confirm it’s really you”. I press “Continue”.
  3. It says “Choose how you would like to sign in to”. Two selections are provided: a) Use passkey from a device with a camera. [selected by default] and b) Bitwarden
  4. I select “Bitwarden” and press “Continue”.
  5. It displays a list of items from my bitwarden vault. I scroll down to my “Google” entry and select it.
  6. Google responds with “Something went wrong”.

What am I doing wrong?
Why isn’t bitwarden selected by default in step 3?
Why is my entire vault displayed in step 5? I would expect that it should only display my Google item.

Do you have installed the current Beta on your iPhone/iPad (Mobile Passkeys Beta Test!)? Because only the Beta supports passkey usage on iOS, and that only since a few days.

If you have installed the “normal” mobile app on your iPhone/iPad, this means, passkey usage is not supported on iOS yet.

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Thanks for clarifying that. I do not have the beta version installed.

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Is this still the case? I’m seeing the same behavior wcp reported, but according to this blog post, the current iOS builds have passkey support:

“Passkeys are available today on iOS in the Apple App store in the official Bitwarden app. Ensure you have the most up-to-date version downloaded.”

@travis-bear Hi! Do you have the latest iOS version of the mobile app installed (I think it would be 2024.4.2)? Do you use iOS 17 (because it is required for these passkey functions)? - And did you follow this guide here (watch out for the “iOS” tab there): Storing Passkeys | Bitwarden Help Center ?

I can confirm, with the iOS Bitwarden app version 2024.4.2, I can now log into Google using the passkey that I created from Windows/Firefox. So, for me, the Google passkey works with Windows/Firefox and with the iOS Bitwarden app and Safari.