Mobile Passkeys Beta Test!

Updated 4/25
Join the beta program and help test out Passkeys on iOS and Android!

The instructions for getting started are on this thread: About the Beta Program

More info available here: Bitwarden passkeys for mobile apps now in beta. Join today! | Bitwarden Blog


Seems like the mobile ios beta version app crashes, when I am on google chrome desktop browser extension adding a totp code to my login entry.

Can anyone else replicate?

Hello in some google logins i see like this.It shows No username. But username is available.

I was trying to get Passkeys to work on my Android mobile with the beta, without any luck. The Passkeys are not showing up.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Android 14 / OneUI 6.1
Browser: Firefox 125.2.0
Bitwarden: 2024.4.1 (10283)

When navigating to and trying to sign in, the dialog doesn’t show the Bitwarden passkeys.


I think, it only works with Chromium-based browsers at the moment. See here: Passkeys support for mobile apps - #73 by bbigras

And more in this whole thread beginning with this post: Passkeys support for mobile apps - #40 by WattsvilleBlues


Trying to test it on Xiaomi Poco device with HyperOS and when clicking on the option for passkey management, nothing happens and it generates a crash report.
Happy to paste the error report here if it helps

@Iru786 There are some who reported about Hyper OS - see especially those two posts: Passkeys support for mobile apps - #62 by dupondje and
Passkeys support for mobile apps - #77 by dupondje

Maybe you can add yours to this thread?

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know how to enable Bitwarden as a Passkey provider on my device. Please see the video

Could you share the Version Code of the app because I only use Aurora Store and not the Google Play store so I can’t signup for the beta. Or better yet share it on Github with a pre-release label=

Started using Bitwarden as a passkey provider today. Getting activated seems a bit clunky. Bitwarden was already my default password provider before switching to the beta version. The Google passkey provider was still being called at first. I switched to a different password provider and back to Bitwarden and rebooted the device. After this passkeys were being called from Bitwarden.

When trying to create a WhatsApp passkey, Bitwarden prompts me to create a passkey for WhatsApp, but then in the Bitwarden app it doesn’t support this app yet.

When trying to add a Google account to the device it still calls the Google Passkey provider. I presume this might be an issue with Google.

Google Chrome however doesn’t seem to work.