About the Beta Program

Join the beta program to test unreleased features and fixes.

How to join

  • iOS
  • Android
    • Visit Bitwarden in the Google Play store on your device and tap the ‘beta signup button’

Sharing feedback

Report bugs directly in Github at Issues · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

Share general feedback directly in the Beta Feedback forum category using the appropriate release thread, or directly within iOS and Android.

Reporting Crashes

To connect crash data with your forum post, please complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the ‘feedback’ section of the mobile beta.
  2. Type your feedback
  3. Copy your feedback to the clipboard, then submit.
  4. Paste the feedback into your forum post.


Please note that beta products are not final and you agree to use them at your discretion.


Is it possible to use the android beta with a self hosted Bitwarden instance?

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Absolutely :slight_smile: Just remember to make regular backups.

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Is there a place that describes what’s actually a beta feature vs not? Assuming I got the urge to “stress test” a feature. Roadmap or GitHub?

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Hi @not, which platform are you testing on? When you access Bitwarden through Testflight, you’ll see:

What to Test

'We’ve added support for multiple simultaneous accounts! Let us know if you experience any issues with this new feature."

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I’m using the Beta version of the Android app, have been for quite a while. Most of the autofill bugs have been fixed through disabling Samsung’s battery saver (and a couple options in Android developer flags). The only one that’s unfixable is Chromium’s decision to let browsers generate their own field names. But I’m sure you and the others are aware of that.

The one feature I’d be looking to stress test would be custom fields. It’s supposedly unworkable in Android. But I’m unclear if that’s because it’s so hard to get the field name in the first place or not. I’m not above digging into the HTML to find out. Like hypothetically if I did get the correct field name, would Bitwarden recognize it?

Samsung S21 Ultra (G998USQS5BVA6)

And happily no problems to report with account switching. I’ve added my mom to my organization and she does NOT have the MP lol. I’ve been switching back and forth tidying up her stuff. Real great password hygiene that convinced me that I did NOT make the wrong choice.

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Thanks for the detailed information!

Can we get an updated link for the 2022.8.x Testflight that just popped up on iOS, please? Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey there, where are you seeing that? Just checking it out and it looks like it hasn’t entered testing status yet? Let me know and I’ll look into it.

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Like a comparison table?

The iOS Test Flight entry has completely disappeared. Did the team purposefully disable the availability of this program without communication? Bad user experience to have no access to the application without downloading the stable client.

I’m signing up for the Beta Program! I’ve been a big BW fan since I switched from LastPass. Excited to help the community.