⌚ Apple Watch Beta (feedback thread)

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Ready to check out the Apple Watch beta?

Our Bitwarden authenticator capabilities are now accessible on the Apple Watch. Bitwarden Premium members or those with membership to a paid organization will now have an additional option for accessing time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) codes. Bitwarden for the Apple Watch will show TOTP codes for vault items with seeds stored for easier access when logging into TOTP protected accounts.


This is a really nice idea and the Apple Watch beta is already doing a good job.

Two issues/suggestions:

  • After pressing the back button in the item view (the < symbol in the top left), the item list always jumps back to the top. I see good reasons to do it this way, but after using BW on my watch for a couple of days, I’d rather prefer if the list stayed at its current position.
  • I’d love to have an option to mark items as favorites which are shown at the top of the list. I need just two or three TOTP codes regularly but have stored many more. Currently, I have to scroll a lot to find them. Also, using text-based searching on the Apple Watch is a bit cumbersome. This would also help with my first issue.

Once again, thanks and keep up the good work!


Hey @accolon thanks for the feedback!

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There might be some kind of warning needed to inform the user that anybody can scroll through your TOTP tokens while your watch is on your wrist. The watch is unlocked when you wear it. I know this is not really a bug, but I only realized it myself once I opened the BitWarden app on my watch that I didn’t need to authenticate/authorize in any way. The TOTP tokens were instantly available on my watch.

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Thanks for the feedback, @sircuri we’ve also included a section in the Help Center on this one: https://bitwarden.com/help/apple-watch-totp/#bitwarden-on-the-apple-watch-security

This is similar to how other apps work on the Apple Watch, but rest assured the feedback will be passed along :+1:

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This is a decent first version. Few suggestions.

  1. At the moment, it seems to be displaying all TOTP codes and scrolling through on the watch if you have many items can be quite the hassle. A future version should incorporate a ‘favourite’ feature, where users can decide which TOTP codes to be made available on the watch.
  2. It would be good if it could incorporate other items besides TOTP. For example, if I have an entry for a credit card, I could select one of the fields (e.g. PIN) to be shown on the watch.
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I absolutely agree: such an option would be really helpful!!

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I would also find a possibility to select what TOTP get shown on the watch to be very useful. On the one hand for security purposes, and on the other as I tend to use that option to get TOTP from the watch mainly when I need TOTP on my phone, and will not need all TOTP in that context. For desktop I use a different workflow to get TOTP into web forms (using the plugin)

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Agree that being able to edit order and to then ensure either (1) the top item alway appears first; or (2) the last accessed item appears first.

Would also be useful to have option to bypass the main screen to always go to your preferred TOTP code when you open it.

Valuable new feature. Thank you for developing this!

Additional feedback:
Complication icon looks too big compared to others. This is an optical illusion because the background is blue whereas most other icon backgrounds are dark or transparent. Recommend to make the complication icon background transparent. It will not erode the brand. In fact, it will better accentuate the shield.

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post. But can the Bitwarden Apple Watch App be used as 2FA to unlock the desktop app?

The same Bitwarden TOTP code can be applied with any of Bitwarden’s apps. Otherwise, you’d be able to get into one app but not the other.