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Love the new passkeys on iOS, thanks a lot.

A little issue, I’ve got sites with URI matching set as exact host. When choosing Passkeys, Bitwarden display passkeys for all sites with matching base domain, even if the subdomain (ie full host) doesn’t match

How do I sign up for the beta flight for iPad? I’ve downloaded the Test Flight app but I need a Bitwarden beta code.

Click TestFlight link on the main post.

just got the testflight for iOS, but even though I can see passkeys in my vault, when I attempt to use it, iCloud appears to be the one taking over the interaction

tried on both Firefox and Safari

Have u tried refreshing Bitwarden data in the iPad app? This only happened to me twice, one with an unsynchronized iPad client and once with the previous version bug.

Oh and also don’t forget to set the url of that password / account record in Bitwarden.

yeah, i’ve refreshed my vault but the issue still happens.

it’s worth nothing that this is a passkey added to my github username/password combo — i just used it with the firefox extension even

I noticed that it requires connection to the Bitwarden server in order to operate. Not sure if this is intentional or not but you can’t use the passkeys like your offline Bitwarden password vault.

Hi :wave:t2:

I have two questions regarding passkeys on Android:

  1. Does the Bitwarden Android app make use of any proprietary Google Play Services APIs? Or does it use its own implementation and is therefore an option for ROMs like LineageOS or /e/OS which use MicroG?
  2. Will the passkey support be back ported so that Android 13 can be supported as well?

Thx for sharing some insights :pray:t2:

@RyanL @bw-admin friendly ping

Hey there. My understanding is that it will use Google Play Services APIs and is only available in Android 14 and above, which opened support for 3rd-party passkeys. If you have additional feedback please add it here - the development team is monitoring!

Thx @RyanL for your reply, really appreciate it :+1:t2:

I’m closely following the growing passkey support of Bitwarden because at the moment, my phone stack does not support this. As I’m very keen to not feeding the big data monopolys like Google, I’m looking for alternatives.

At the moment, I’m using the Android OS called /e/OS (based on LineageOS) which focuses on data privacy. While many basic Android features are part of the open sources Android Open Source Project (AOSP), Google decided some years ago to move some key features into their proprietary Google Play Services (GPS) - things like push notifications, etc.
To bridge this gap, many people use MicroG which is an open source implementation of GPS - so does /e/OS.
When it comes to new features being added to GPS, they have to be reimplemented in microG - of course always a piece of work that a small group of enthusiasts accomplishes in contrast to a big army of Google developers.

When it comes to passkeys, Google went down the same road: many key features of passkeys are implemented in the GPS and are therefore not available to users like me.

So during my search for an alternative implementation of passkeys that does not rely on GPS, I stumbled over Bitwarden and was hoping that you guys will come up with a solution that does not rely on proprietary APIs like GPS and therefore would be a viable alternative.

That’s basically my background, I hope I could shed some light on it?!