About the Beta Program

Same problem here,
But when I logged on web, I had the warning : Low KDF iterations.
So I updated my KDF to 600 000, and now I can login on the bitwarden beta App.

Hopes this help

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Thx - that fix worked for me!

I can not login to my selfhosted Vaultwarden instance. Neither on Android nor iOS.

Logging in with my bitwarden.com account works though…

Hi Max, this is a known issue that needs to be resolved on the vaultwarden side. Remember that vaultwarden is not affiliated with Bitwarden, it is not maintained by Bitwarden developers, and Bitwarden makes no guarantees as to the compatibility of our apps with vaultwarden servers.

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Why do you have to choose between inline autofill and the default overlay when the previous app had both options working at the same time?


Vaultwardens latest ‘testing’ tagged server versions actually work with Bitwarden beta. https://hub.docker.com/r/vaultwarden/server/tags

Yes. You can download from github.

Hey there, 2 days ago Vaultwarden 1.31 was officially released and is no longer on a testing branch