Organization Vault question

I just changed to Bitwarden last week and when setting it up, I created a Organization Vault and invited my husband.

He never received an invitation to join the vault. I may have messed up because he had not yet created a Bitwarden account.

Since I am trying the free version, I can only have one Organization.

When I try to leave the Organization, I get an error

An error has occurred.
Organization must have at least one confirmed owner.

Now I am stuck. How can I get rid of that Organization and have a do over?

TLDR: Free account, inviting to organization didn’t work out, cannot leave organization to try again

To answer your question, as the Organization Owner once you go into the Organization view, under Settings > My Organization > Danger Zone there should be an option to select to Delete Organization

Be sure you are not in your personal account settings as there is a personal Danger Zone section where you can delete your individual account, though you will have multiple steps to confirm deletion.

As far as your main concern however, you should not need to delete the entire organization and start from scratch, if you prefer to do this though you may.
Otherwise, you may just resend the Organization invite email.

This can be done under the same Organization view, under Manage > People, where you should be able to select the user and resend an invitation.

See the Note under Point 5


Invitations expire after 5 days, at which point the user will need to be re-invited. Re-invite users in bulk by selecting each user and using the  gear dropdown to Resend Invitations:
If you’re self-hosting Bitwarden, you can configure the invitation expiration period using an environment variable.

Hello @Janyne_Kizer - the other option to try is just Remove the invitation that was sent to your husband (to do this, just Remove that user). Then you can leave the organization in place and just try a new invitation.

See more details here:

Perfect! Thank you both!

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