Organization items don't show up for my partner


My partner created an organization and placed two items there. She inviter me to the organization, we went through all the process of accepting but the shared vault remains empty on my side… We don’t understand what’s going on. This is really surprising since I already used organizations with other people, with success. Does anybody have an idea about this?

Thanks in advance!

@NCG31 just to be sure, one of you has accepted the invitation, but has it been confirmed by the admin? Please go to the web vault and check the manage tab to see if there is an accepted invitation that needs to be accepted:

Yes it has been confirmed. I can see the vault since it has been confirmed. But it appears empty, while there are two items in the organization when we see it on the owner’s account.

Perhaps it is a permission issue, does the user show up as having permission to those collections in the admin panel? You can also check the access control settings.