Vault Visible in Shared Org, but contents is not in app, but is on web


My wife and I both have free accounts and I have said up an Org for us to share common logins/passwords. I’ve set her up as a manager and the vault shows in the app (android) but the contents does not. There are 5 logins shared.

When I asked her to login to the web page, both the Organisation Vault and the logins show up.

Any ideas on why? Thanks in advance!

@flowersbytheocean Welcome to the forum!

Have the shared vault items been assigned to a “collection”? Have you configured the access permissions for the collection so that you and your wife both have “can view” privileges, at a minimum?

I went through and had a look at the permissions and I I think something wasn’t shared the way it was supposed to be so thanks for the tip. Not quite sure what I action led to an outcome, but it is doing what we want now. Thank you!

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You’re welcome!