Organization Item in Folder and Collection


Working in the Web Vault…

When I selecting Move to Organization, I can easily Move an Item in My Vault to a selected Collection in my Family Organization.

However, the moved Item also stays in my original My Vault Folder, and also shows up in the No Folder of the Folders section of the Organization’s People.

Having the Item stay in My Vault’s Folder seems normal, but should it only show up in Collections for the other People in the Organization?

The double entry part (in Folders and Collections) for an Organization’s
People seems unnecessary.

Is this double Item entry normal/expected?

Is there an alternate method I should be using to share/move Items into Collections?



Welcome, @ThatSaid!

You’re going about it the correct way. Think of folders as ‘tags’ for individual users.

You may keep the shared Twitter login inside a Social media folder in your view of the world, while they file it under Marketing Logins or something completely different.

It’ll be in “no folder” until they assign it to one, but it will always be in the same collections across the organization.