[answered] Shared passwords still in personal folder

I noticed that a personal password I shared with my organization still remains in my personal folder. This also means that deleting the password in my personal folder deletes it from the organization’s collection. I want to strictly separate my private and my organization vault and the current workaround is to move them all into a zzzz_shared folder.

Is there any better way to have passwords show up only in the organization without recreating all of them by hand in the organization?


I’m no expert at BW, but for sure you don’t have to recreate every entries by hand.
There are a few key points to understand first:

  1. You can’t use the All Items filter as your personal folder since it will always include entries from every organizations you are member of.

  2. folders and collections differ in at least two way:

    a) while entries can exist in only one folder at a time (folders are not like Gmail labels), they can also belong to as many collections as you need

    b) folders belong to your personal account while collections belong to the organization. Therefore, you actually can’t share a folder. On the other hand, an organization can share a collection.

From what I can tell though, I think you could achieve the desired segregation by approaching the question the other way around: move you personal (not shared) entries to a newly created folder you might name “private” which will show you only your private stuff.

The downside is newly created private entries need to be manually added to that private folder. Wether this downside is minor or not remains to be debated.

Hope I understood you correctly and this humble post will provide some help.


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thanks for your answer, but my problem is a different one.

Assume the following:

Folder foo of user and collection bar of org. There is a password baz I want so store in BW.

Scenario 1: I store it in the collection bar. The org can access it and it shows up only in the org.

Scenario 2: I store it in the folder foo and share it with the collection bar. As far as I understood, sharing transfers ownership, therefore it should only show up in bar but instead it shows up in both. Deleting it in foo (because I want to keep things lean and easy) also deletes it in bar which is not what I want to do - I want the secret to be moved from my personal folder to the collection.

Is there any possibility to move a secret from a personal folder to a collection in a way it doesn’t show up in the personal folder anymore, but the collection only?

folders do not indicate location or ownership.

“folders” should be named “personal tags”

If I create a login for google, and choose the tag “email” then share with a collection, the item doesn’t magically stop being an email.

to answer your question, you edit the item, click the folder and choose “no folder” and it will no longer show “inside” the folder.

Even though the folder editing UI is inside the item edit screen, folders are not shared with other members of the collection, so if you only “edit” the folder, it does not affect anyone else but you, because folders are only personal.


Ah, I got it, this makes sense and I can reproduce this. Thanks for your explanation!