How many vault

Do I understand correctly that I have:

  • one vault of mine
  • one vault for each organization I manage

I moved a Item that was in a folder in my Vault to a Collection in an Organization I created.
The Item still shows in my Vault folder.
The Item of course shows in the Collection of the Organization and is marked owned by me.

But when I export my Vault, that Item is not included.
But when I export from within the organization, then it is included

I am confused by this. I was expecting:

  • if I item shows under a Folder in my Vault it should be exported when I export my Vault
  • if I move an Item from a Folder in my Vault to a Collection of an Organization, it should not appear under my Vault anymore.

On one hand, from the export point of view Vaults seem to be exclusive and separate.
But Items that I move to a Collection and keep as belonging to me, still show under my Folder but are actually not in my Vault anymore.

Is there some architectural aspects that I need to understand to better understand the above behavior?

Hi @zarzash - you may find these help pages useful:

And yes you are correct that you must export your personal items separately from items stored in an organization.