Export not exporting shared entries

When I download a csv of my vault, I see that it seems to contain only entries that are not shared. I’m sure I’m missing a trick here, but it escapes me.

FWIW, I have the free account, with one organization and one other account to which items are being shared.

Hi @stuckyville - what is likely happening is that your shared items are now in the organization vault, which is exported independently of your personal vault. You might find this information helpful:


@dh024 - thanks for the feedback. So on your advice I logged on using my userid/master pw, then clicked on the organization name in the right-hand region of the main window. That changed the listing of items, sorted strictly by name and no indication of share status. Fine. Next I clicked on ‘tools’ on the main page menu, and from there exported. Same result as before - exported csv did not include items that had been shared. Going back and looking at the page more closely, I noticed that there is another ‘tools’ link in another set of menu tabs under the organization - separate from the menu tabs for the page as a whole. This second menu was only shown when I had opened the organization. Driving down to export from there did achieve the export i was looking for.

Thanks for the lead.

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And on closer inspection, it appears that what is listed when I export from ‘organization’ is only those shared items. It doesn’t appear to be able to give me a single, consolidate, complete listing in a single export. Bummer.

It may seem inconvenient, but it is necessary for organizational security. You wouldn’t want any employee to be able to easily download and store all of an organizations shared logins/passwords, nor would an employee necessarily want an admin of the organization to be able to download and store all their personal secrets stored in Bitwarden.

Got it. Thanks.