Export My Vault .json file empty if all items shared to organization

I unfortunately ran into a flaw of export vault on web vault. I shared all my items to an organization but then wanted to unshare them. There is no unshare option so I went to my vault and exported to .json then purged my organization. The flaw is that the export vault .json file was empty except for the metadata for folders (reminder i exported my vault from my vault page, and purged my organization from my organization page). Therefore my vault lost!!

Yes I should have checked the .json file to be sure, but I was operating under what I thought was careful measures. I luckily had a backup from a week ago, but I lost 10+ passwords!

I tested this by doing it again in the same process of steps laid out above. .json file was empty again.

Feature requests: 1) Unshare Option and 2) to be able to export vault items from your vault page even if they are shared to an organization, or 3) at least have better warning of exporting shared items or better confirmation of number of items exported. (currently the only communication about shared items I could find was “they will be owned by the organization”, but its frustrating that they still appear in my vault giving the impression that the export vault tool will still work within ‘my vault’)

I too noticed shared entries aren’t exported. Apparently this bug isn’t fixed yet. I filed a support request.
When you export your vault you expect all visible entries to be exported, including your shared entries.
Bitwarden should add a warning that shared entries can only be exported from within the shared organization’s vault.

I noticed this issue because I tried another password manager and I was missing some entries. Luckily I had not deleted anything yet.


I too noticed shared entries are not exported.
Fortunately I saw this when I tried to use the backup to get a shared item.
I am glad I did not have to rely on this backup.

Hopefully some option will be forthcoming to allow exporting shared items.

Does anyone know if this will change?

I was able export shared items by going to the organization and using the export tool available there.
This exports only items in the organization. In my case these are all of the shared items I was missing.
Unfortunately, I now have two exported files.