Folder Sharing for Organizations

I would love to be able to share a folder (and its contents) to an organization. It would be ideal if the folder had the option to carry its name as its own collection. Meaning, I could share my multiple folders called: Bills, Investments, and Shopping and they each appeared in the collection shared area.

If I understood you correctly, this can be done already although you must first create an empty collection:

  1. Create a collection under your organization
  2. Go to the folder you want to share
  3. Select all contents
  4. Select share and select the collection you created

Collections really need some work. They look fairly disorganized and messy, IMO. It would be nice if they worked like folders in being able to nest stuff. For instance, we have a client with multiple sites that have the same type of equipment at each site. In Folders, I can build them so each site is under the parent organization then put all the information for the equipment in each.

Collections, I have to either build one collection and put all the information in it with a naming scheme like ‘Organization_Site_Name - Specific_Equipment_Login’ or build four Collections named ‘Organization - Site_Name’.

It really starts to look messy when you have a lot of clients on top of having to duplicate entries for them.