✅ Option to Remove Number of Matching Logins Badge

Moved to Bitwarden from Lastpass, as many other will be doing in this period. Many of them will notice this difference, when they used the option in LP to disable the number badge.
It is annoying, yes, but above all, it is a security issue in my opinion. I nor anybody looking at my screen needs to be reminded about the number of accounts I have on a website.
Thanks in advance! Love the product!


A matter of opinion.

I like it very much and regard it as a vital indicator. If it has a 1 then I know that I can press Ctrl Shift L once to login. If it has a 2 or more then I know that I will either have to press Ctrl Shift L repeatedly, to cycle through the logins, or use the mouse to call up the available logins. If it does not have a number when I expect one then that is a warning to be more careful typing, as I have mistyped.

I glance at the toolbar before logging in, to check that there is the number I am expecting displayed. If it isn’t then find out why before doing anything else.


I have potential solution implemented, if you want, you may check it with local build, if you want

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The topic was opened 3 years ago, but there is still no improvement this issue.

Fortunatly !
This is useful information


I moved from Lastpass and registered here for this topic as well. Heard many good opinions about Bitwarden, although missing some functions - possibility to disable notification bubble is one of them and I would be much appreciated for adding that option. Peace :v:

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any guide on how to do this?

@mzayd You need to wait until pull request will be merged and new version is approved by the extension stores.
Or you can build you own extension from the provided code.

wondering if this is possible.

At the moment it is (I assume) possible for those who wish to build their own.

However, whether it is desirable is debateable.

In my opinion it is extremely undesirable. However, if some want it (although I can see no reason why anyone would want it) then an option to turn it off in the options is not something I would object to. How much effort Bitwarden devote to this idea is up to them.

I like it but, for those that don’t, I believe it’s coming in the next release.

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I love this feature in LastPass. You can enable/disable this from the settings. I do not need to see how many matching log-ins there are and find the badge distracting.

Please allow us to turn this off. :slight_smile:

Feature name

  • Option for turning off the number of matching sites on extension icon

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    This will turn off the number showing how many login is saved in my vault. This sometime will be helpful for privacy . I don’t want to see how many login is saved in my browser extension icon.

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Screenshot 2021-03-10 092259

This feature has already been requested here. Option to Remove Number of Matching Logins Badge
A user has also contributed this feature as well.
Disable badge counter

Just a suggestion for people who use Firefox:

Bitwarden for Firefox is accessible in the sidebar, which expands/collapses by clicking the the “Show Sidebar” icon in the toolbar, which doesn’t have a number. So if you display the sidebar icon instead of the Bitwarden extension icon, that may be a working solution.


+1 on this one as well. Particularly with the newest Safari update, the badge is bright red and makes me think I have unread e-mails. It stresses me out a bit when I have so many unread e-mails.


It’s already merged. Now just need to wait for the release of new version.

Merged into master yesterday :sunglasses:


In which App Store version can it be expected? I couldn’t find it in 1.25.1 …