✅ Option to Remove Number of Matching Logins Badge

I’d like the option to remove the little number badge in Firefox (and other browsers) which shows how many logins match the current website. It’s a very small thing, but for me it’s just an annoyance since I have multiple accounts on most websites and honestly don’t care how many I have; I prefer the look of the extension icon when there aren’t any listed matches. Adding a selection in the extension settings to disable it, possibly with the badge still on by default, would be quite useful to myself and others who either don’t like or just don’t want the number of accounts listed.

(I’m not great with keywords, so I apologize in advance if this has been brought up with different terms; I ran a few searches and didn’t find it.)

I’m out of votes but I like your idea ! :slight_smile:


I’m not against the idea, but I want to add my usercase. For me, number shown is an indication that I can safely ctrl + shift + L my login on this site. I know that I’m on paypal.com*, not on paypaI.com, because number of logins is not 0. :slight_smile:

Now, it doesn’t really matter from security point of view, because bitwarden wouldn’t fill password on paypaI.com, as it’s is not a match paypal.com record. However, I tend to treat this number as a soft confirmation that I didn’t land on a spoof site (I also changed most of my important/critical entries to be an exact match to login url, not even to a domain).

I totally can see how it can be annoying though, so I think it could be a setting. :slight_smile:

* the difference is small L and capital i

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That’s an extremely effective example with paypal; I only noticed the difference after reading your footnote. I imagine it’s also quite useful as a quick means of knowing whether you’ve already signed up for a site, to save the effort of opening the extension and searching or creating a new account.

In my usage case, I have many accounts on the websites I visit most so I’m seeing a near-constant display of anywhere from 5 to 9+ when I don’t personally need it. I would definitely want the removal to be a slider option and not the only behaviour offered.


I’d like this to be implemented too. Bitwarden is one of the best password managers and this feature would make it even closer to perfection.


Googling for this option reveals this closed Github issue thread:

Hence adding my +1 here.

The badge count gives away that one either has a login to the site that is being visited, or that one has multiple pseudonyms on the site. Not cool if someone happens to be shoulder surfing, or if you use the same BitWarden account for both personal and work purposes.

This is a privacy issue for me, not just a cosmetic one.

+1 for this feature.

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Found this topic by googling how to disable icon notifications. Voted to have this option in settings.


I’ve just come from LastPass, I had forgotten how distracting this was because they have an option to turn it off. Other that this, Bitwarden is awesome!


I created an account for the sole purpose of voting for this feature. I’d love to have the badge removed.


I also created an account just to vote for this.

I know it’s such a small irrelevant issue to most people, but it can be distracting at times. Surely a small option would only take a miniscule amount of time to implement?

I vote for this feature as well. Bitwarden is great, and I think the option for a minimalist icon in Firefox would make it better.

How many people who want this are using the desktop version of Firefox? If enough people reply, I can post a how-to describing how to accomplish this in Firefox with the current version of bitwarden.

It will take me about 45-60 minutes to figure out how to do it and to type up clear instructions, so I only want to spend that time if it will really help others (I don’t need this functionality myself).

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I’m using Firefox on a Desktop

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I came here in search of a way to disable the popup on the extension. Hopefully this gets implemented in the future.

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I switched from Lastpass, and just purchased Bitwarden Premium. I would love to see this feature. I find the badges pretty distracting.

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I use Firefox desktop and would like to be able to disable badge count

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If 1 more person would like to know how to do this on Firefox, just reply to my post above, and I’ll work on it for you.

Just another vote in favor of this. Currently testing as a replacement to lastpass, I prefer the no login match count on the toolbar icon. Mainly so the only notifier in that spot is new emails.

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Agreed also moving also Dashlane and fine the icon really distracting, seeing I am logged in not sure why it still needs to show the count etc…

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